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How to Boost Mobile App Downloads?

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Today, the proliferation of mobile devices in our lives have made it imperative for businesses to devise a mobile app strategy. From building loyalty, providing convenience and offering value – mobile apps are extremely beneficial for businesses.

Well, if you thought the challenging part was developing a mobile app, wait till you get to the next stage.With over 2.8 million apps and 2.2 million apps available in Google’s Play Store and Apple’s App Store respectively, how do you ensure yours gets noticed and entices people to hit the ‘download’ button?

We bring you 8 surefire ways to promote your app and boost mobile app downloads, helping you materialize your efforts in building the app–

Delightful User Experience

In order to boost mobile app downloads, you need to first ensure your app delivers an impeccable user experience. It needs to start with offering a seamless onboarding experience because if users find it difficult to navigate in the first attempt, they are likely to abandon it.

Ensure your app is easy to use, doesn’t require users to spend too much time registering and offers them ample support options to raise queries.

Another key aspect that can boost mobile app downloads is employing a personalized approach in the user experience. Customers are more likely to be drawn towards your mobile app if it offers relevant solutions tailor made for them, thereby setting you apart from your competitors.

App Store Optimization


As the name suggests, App Store Optimization (ASO) refers to optimizing mobile apps to rank higher in the search results of app stores and yes, higher your app ranks, the more discoverable it is, leading to a boost in downloads.

Just like search engine optimization, ASO also requires you to utilize the right title and keywords that help you reach your target audience. Do your research on relevant keywords and competitor keywords to use optimized keywords.

What’s in a name you ask? Well, apparently a lot. Make sure the app name you settle for is short (20 – 30 characters), easily searchable and has the right keywords.

Optimizing your mobile app for app stores is one of the largest discovery channels available so ensure you incorporate it in your strategy for better results.

App Store Localization

Your app is in English and yes, English is a universal language but what about the non-English speaking users who are potential customers? Now, that is a missed opportunity, isn’t it?

This is where app store localization comes in wherein you make your app suitable for different countries, regions and languages in order to appeal to a wider audience which naturally translates into increased downloads.

However, localization can be a tedious process and before jumping into it, you should asses the markets your app will have takers in basis which you can translate it and also look at adding more localized features if need be.

Go Social


There is no better platform than social media to create awareness about your newly launched mobile app. In fact, did you know that 52% of people discover new apps through their friends, family and colleagues?

Apart from doing organic posts on social media, you can also consider doing paid ads on Facebook and Instagram with the ‘Install Now’ call to action in order to reach your target audience.

Another way to boost mobile app downloads is by involving a social media influencer to create buzz about the app. You can ask the influencer to share a promo code with her followers – this will help you track the effectiveness of the collaboration as well.

Launch an E-mail Campaign


If you thought e-mail marketing was dead, you are mistaken because there is a lot one can achieve with one powerful, compelling e-mailer. Not only is this tool the most personal of the lot but it is also very cost effective and easily measurable.

Develop an e-mail campaign strategy and break it down into pre-launch, launch and post-launch. In the pre-launch phase, you can share teasers to keep the excitement levels going, the launch phase can direct them to downloading the app. You can also offer incentives to the top 50 or 100 people who download the app. The post-launch phase can be all about educating your customers about the features and benefits of using the app.

Remember to send timely e-mailers and not spam your database with constant e-mails – that never goes down well.

Encourage Reviews

Customer reviews are highly valued because they serve as a strong, authentic endorsement tool that has the power to influence new customers. The same applies in the case of mobile apps too.

As per a survey, people are 8 times more likely to download a highly rated app of an unknown brand than a poorly rated app of a known brand so a great way to boost app downloads is by encouraging user reviews. This not only builds trust and influences decisions but also helps in increasing your app’s ranking in app stores.

However, you can’t sit waiting for a review, you need to ask for it. You can do so through social media posts, incentivizing users or even insert plug-ins to remind users to leave a review.

Offer Incentives

Who doesn’t love incentives! The easiest way to promote an app is to incentivize people for downloading it.

So, why not kickstart app promotion by rewarding them – this can be in the form of discounts, gift vouchers, freebies or even value-added services. Customers love exclusivity so showering them with exclusive offers always goes a long way.

You can also devise a referral marketing campaign to prompt your existing users to invite their family and friends to download the app too.

Spread the Word

Going beyond the realms of app design and digital marketing, you can also boost mobile app downloads by running a public relations campaign around it.

When you are launching an app, have a PR plan ready for it. Reach out to the relevant media publications and influencers who are catering to your target audience and pitch your app story to them. Have them review it on their portals, urging readers to download your app. Such third-party endorsements are always more valued and better received.

It is advisable to create ample buzz about your app and involve people who have the power to influence rather than spending money on paid advertisements instead.


Your efforts should not end with touching the 1 million app download mark. You need to ensure you constantly update your app and build an engaged community while keeping abandonment rates low. In this fiercely competitive app market, you must track your app performance, be focused on delivering improved user experience and be mindful of your users’ needs in order to succeed.

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