Content Marketing: How to Crack the New Age Marketing Code?

Content Marketing: How to Crack the New Age Marketing Code?

Content Marketing Tips


In Digital Marketing, Content Marketing has become one of the most important fields. That means more and more companies are focussing on creating content. Now with so much content being published on the internet, it has become difficult to cut through the noise and create the right level of engagement with the right audience. The situation has become similar to commercials where attracting the right audience with impact is very challenging.

In order to be successful here are some of the Content Marketing Tips:

Define your target audience before generating content: Keep target audiences in mind rather than customers. Aim for producing compelling content that is aligned with your brand. Analyse your best customers, your most engaged visitors to find what kind of content is read most by these audiences and what kind of content helps in transforming these visitors to a customer.

Create your own style: We can argue about good language, good grammar etc but the fact of the matter is creating your own unique style is important. This maintains consistency in all the content which is produced and helps stand out of crowd.

Reuse and repurpose your content: After creating content you should think of how the same piece of content be reused or repurposed for creating infographics, videos, tweets, ad copy, webinars etc.

Create content to educate the consumers: Generate content to educate the consumer about your product thereby creating value for your product which will eventually lead to buying your product. Most marketers create marketing content rather than informative content. Remember by creating informative content you have convinced the customer to buy a product which adds to consumer’s value eventually leading to the satisfied consumer. These satisfied consumers will refer your products to others which will lead to more consumers buying your product.

Blog consistently: Do not blog irregularly. Have a blogging calendar and publish posts accordingly. According to Hubspot survey, consistent bloggers acquired more customers than random bloggers.

Write evergreen content: Evergreen content is search optimized content which is relevant for audiences for months, years and so on. Content related to current trend is equally important, hence have a mix of both. For example, content related to tips and guidance is evergreen content.

Gap Analysis: Analyse high search volume keywords related to your product/content and figure out if your content is aligned towards high search volume keywords or do you have content which can be generated around these high search volume keywords. Analyse if your competitor has content around these keywords. This kind of planning helps in ensuring that the content is positioned to appear in search engine search results and maximum work is generated out of the content.

Produce quality content: There is a lot of competition, hence generating one good post is better than generating five mediocre posts.

Last but not the least generate original content and avoid plagiarism. This way you are voicing your own opinions and analysis rather than repeating what is already available.

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Mir Saeid

Mir currently serves as the Marketing Communications Manager at Digital Vidya. He is an experienced  Marketing Communications professional with a British Master’s Degree in the field of International Business and Management, and over five years of work experience particularly in the fields of Promotions Strategy (Online & Offline), Branding, Public Relations, Content Creation, Agency Management, Project Management, Account Management, Client Servicing and Business Development. He has a strong exposure to working with B2B and B2C clients with a hands-on experience in working on 360-degree marketing promotion campaigns.

  1. Cool headline you’ve got here. Nowadays it’s challenging when it comes to content marketing. It’s great that you have shared a cool infographic. I do agree that it is essential to identify and define your target audience and create a content that they will truly love.

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