Learn - How to Get More Subscribers On YouTube ? 6 Simple Steps!

How to Get More Subscribers on YouTube?

Staying ahead, setting benchmarks, and unique identity are all that a marketer expects to achieve throughout marketing campaigns. A number of ways are present out there to improve your brand’s identity but following the realistic ones that could actually generate high traffic is important.

Standing out from competitors is really important to create a remarkable identity; therefore, you need to opt the latest tools and techniques to improve your status quo.

Amongst all marketing techniques, Video Marketing is leading the way. Video marketing means creating a video that could describe your brand, guide about your goals and deliver your message. What arms video marketing is YouTube, a platform to upload your videos to and attract viewers and develop your brand proposition?

As it is a Google-owned platform, it becomes more important for marketers to leverage this platform. Moreover, it is the second largest search engine.

Walk through the following startling stats –

25 billion hours of videos on YouTube are watched each month.

85% of US internet audiences watch videos on YouTube.

These statistics are enough to understanding the power of YouTube and what role it plays in video marketing to promote your business online in 2018.

If this sounds new to you and you do not have any idea of regarding video marketing and how YouTube takes it a step further, then this post is for you.

I have mentioned six curated YouTube ideas that could raise your marketing bar.

A Brandilicious Channel homepage

A click on your video is a gateway to check out your channel. If a viewer likes your video, he/she is likely to walk through your channel’s homepage.  A professional and attractive channel increases the chances of subscription. No matter you have limited customization options, you can still stand out. Begin with the masthead at the top of your channel. Keep the tone friendly as people will see it on the desktop and mobile devices.

A masthead is like a billboard for your brand which deserves special attention as it communicates whatever your message is.

Build an archive of adjectives that describe your brand well!

 You can create a fairly simply masthead or banner with a single minimalist image, and a short description. Make sure the qualities you mentioned, should reflect your brand.

Use annotations wisely

Now promote your other published videos in your video through annotation tool. Using this tool will allow you to link up to other videos that you have created while uploading to the same channel. Not only will you get more views, but also a high number of subscribers. Place the link or a CTA to subscribe your channel right bottom corner. You might not bother it to place, but it can do wonders to increase the number of subscribers. Apart from providing direction to viewers, a call to action work for pointing out visitors’ interests while allowing them to subscribe your new clips.

Get creative with your CTAs

Ask a question

Free trial/subscription

Sign Up

Fill out a short form

End Cards

Channel Greetings

Annotations include layer text, links, hotspot over your videos. Moreover, you can link directly to your website or suggest viewers watch another video.

Use Keywords, Titles, Descriptions and Optimize them

You can not run away from Search Engine Optimization (SEO) if you want your video to score well in search engine result.

Enrich your video with keywords, titles, descriptions, and phrases to achieve your end goal.  Try to create a descriptive title while adding a keyword to it.

A catchy title improves a video’s click-through from both YouTube and non-video SERPs. Even the title works as the most important piece of content when considered from an SEO standpoint. Do you know YouTube generates HTML Meta tags for each of the video view pages? The description becomes the Meta description tag, and the title of the video turns into the title tags which improve traffic. Keep a check on the title characters; Google trims page titles if they exceed the limit of 66 characters

Don’t forget that Google also spams or push back the videos that are embedded in the keyword. So stuff primary keywords in the title and secondary keywords and phrases in the description that you can extend long as per your keywords. You can use video tag box to add more relevant keywords.

Create a Clear Custom Thumbnail

You cannot underestimate the importance of thumbnail when it comes to YouTube channel. You can see it up on the channel as well as on the videos you create.


A thumbnail should be easy to locate so that people can see it and automatically connect with your brand and videos through it.

Your end goal decides the type of thumbnail you should create. Most entrepreneurs, for example, use head-shots of themselves to represent as the face of their brand while building brand credibility.

You can even use your company’s logo or another graphic that solely represent your brand. It’s not personal, but it can build your online presence.

Make sure the dimensions are correct because thumbnails are perfect squares.

Make Playlists to Encourage Viewers to Subscribe

I am not talking about the playlist of an MP3 device but a playlist on YouTube, which will serve the same function of an MP3 device. Here, the list refers to a group of videos that are related to each other in many ways because they deal with similar topics.


You can create a number of playlists according to the category of videos. As viewers don’t watch every video in one go, they subscribe to the channel and find videos easily. While organizing your content calendar, make sure you choose topics according to playlists.

What should be the criteria to arrange several videos in a playlist based on a shared theme?

What videos go best together?

What should be the order of the playlist?

Translate Your Most Popular Videos into Other Languages

Translate language

Walk through your videos’ analytics report to find which of your videos garner the most views. Make a list of popular videos which require special attention.

Translate those videos to improve their outreach to the target audience. You can get a big chunk of audience who speak Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Russian, etc., while maintaining your global presence.

I am not saying to create an entirely new video or learn a new language. Hire a translator to transcribe your video in a language you want to target.

By clicking on the CC (closed caption) button on YouTube, viewers can change the language in the settings menu. You can expand your potential audience to a considerable margin with a simple translation.

Final words:

YouTube drives video marketing. Lift up your marketing efforts by optimizing your videos while uploading to YouTube to improve brand presence. If you have more ideas to share, please comment below and let us know.

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