How to Make a Killer SEO Campaign That Really Works

How to Make a Killer SEO Campaign That Really Works

SEO Campaign

Setting up an SEO campaign is already a challenge, making it work is another. Regardless of its complexity, it still needs to work. There is always a work-around no matter how complex a strategy is, all you need is a smart strategy and profitable tactic for this to work.

After much research and analysis, this is what it boils down to; a thoroughly optimized

On-page SEO and a well-calculated off-page SEO. It is safe to say that these are all you need to consider to have an efficient and a killer SEO campaign.

However, with these two processes, it has more tasks involved that needs to be looked into.

On-Page SEO

On-page SEO, in simple terms, is what you see on a website’s page. From contents, url, image, etc. It is what you do inside that makes the website, or webpage, relevant.

 Visibility through URLs that are SEO-Friendly

An SEO-friendly URL means that it should be readable, recognizable, simple but rich in keywords that appears in search engine results. Incorporating a URL that demonstrates these qualities is vital because it adds more value to search engines in terms of ranking and to online users who generally doesn’t appreciate long and complicated URL’s. Remember to just KISS; Keep it short and simple.

Provide rich snippets

Provide search engine with enough data about the site and information that it offers. It will surely enhance and outrank your competitors if you use rich snippets or structured data markup.

Although, it is not necessary to be applied to every content type but it is should be utilized strategically.

Keywords placement

This is very essential to consider because this will hit your ranking in a very serious way. So, one of the strategic placement of keyword is through the URL, as what was mentioned earlier. Another place is the TITLE where it is showcased upfront in search results. However, do not overuse your keywords. Use it strategically because search engines score the use of keywords.

Anchor texts with internal link

Another vital element of on-page SEO. Anchor texts are hyperlinks that links to a different source such as a document or a location. This element is important for SEO because search engines are able to determine which sites it is linked to. Anchor texts are also used to determine if sites are relevant or not. In a way, this also gives way for search engines to know which sites are over-optimizing and are spamming.

Social media buttons

Who is not aware of the most popular social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and many others? In which, this must be considered to be visible in your site. People who live and breathe social media might look for these buttons. Don’t be caught without it these days.


Optimize the images.

Images or photos used in a page should be relevant to the content. By renaming your image with a proper descriptive name and optimizing alt text will enable search engines to know what the image is all about and therefore will be properly categorized.

High value contents

The meat of the page. As we all say, “Content is King!” And we know what this means. Without unique, relatable contents, visitors of your page will more likely not read through the article, blog or post in the page. Then anchor texts and backlinks will be useless since the visitor will not click on those.

contents should not be hifalutin or too technical with words that is only for the smart ones. It should be simple and organized but informative at the same time. People read because they are looking for new information or perhaps to understand better about what they are searching for in the internet.

Site speed

People these days are used to fast delivery whether that be food, solution or response. Visitors find it user friendly if your site loads up fast. The thing is, if the site speed is slow, there is a big chance for the visitor to search for another site that can load pages in a split second.

Organized page

Who enjoys a cluttered page anyway? Making your contents organize will make the visitor feel at-ease with your site. Confusion is not flattering in any case. It is not just the contents but with the fonts and colors that are being used must be organized. It is easier to the eyes if the page showcases organization. It may also provide credibility to your site because of face value.

Off-Page SEO

Off-page SEO is totally different with on-page SEO. It’s like day and night. Off-page SEO deals with the SERP (search engine results page) position, in a more simple explanation, it is the pages in search engines which give you the results of your search.

It goes beyond web design, it deals more with promotion tactics. It is what you do outside of your website that will land the site at the top search results.


If “Content is King” for on-page SEO, backlinks is perhaps its counterpart. Whichever kind or type of backlinks those are, it is very important to give and to receive this very crucial element of SEO. This is where websites become interdependent of one another.

Of course, it will be great to receive an authority backlink because of a great possibility that your page will be visited more often.


One of the best assets of off-page SEO. It can be offered to another webmaster who has written and published which contains a similar content with the infographics you have. You can offer them infographics and in return give you a backlink.

Social bookmarking

One of the most efficient methods when it comes to link building is social bookmarking. This is a healthy way of gaining highly relevant traffic to post and contents. This is well liked by Google since updates in contents is frequent.

Through the use of tags properly which is niche-related through these social bookmarking sites such as Reddit, Bizsugar, Digg, SlashDot, StumbleUpon, etc. It can drive traffic to your website effectively just by sharing new articles with niche-related tags from these sites that is absolutely free.

Article submission

There are websites that entertain article submission to generate fresh contents regularly which is free of charge. Through high-value contents, these sites would be more than willing to return the favor with a quality backlink.

YouTube video creation

YouTube, if you are not aware, is second to Google in terms of search engines. When it is hard to search in Google, people go to YouTube for how to’s, recipes, DIYs, and all other information.

Since the time it gained popularity, it had been one of the best platforms in getting links through Meta Descriptions and niche-related tags. Through the use of YouTube, relevance and traffic can go up. However, in all honesty, it is not that easy to gain popularity through this social media site. It takes patience and dedication to build your credibility, but once you are there, expect changes to happen in your website.

Competition, in all platforms, is everywhere when it comes to business. You cannot just sit and relax as you try to build things from scratch. It takes commitment and perseverance to make a campaign work.

These few tips might help you in obtaining that killer SEO campaign. It may be difficult at first but once you get the hang of it, you can turn the table around in no time.

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