Tips to Leverage Google Search Console for Maximum Traffic

How Can You Increase Your Website Traffic With Google Search Console?

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Upgrading your site for changes and leads is the greatest form of an asset which you can make in your business. Having a site that runs very smoothly and makes time-to-time changes can be a lifesaver for a business. In any case, it is quite difficult, however, remember one thing – changes don’t simply occur on their own. Thankfully, Google has free devices that can enable you to address what your site lacks or battling with. For instance, I’ll take an example of Google’s Search Console.

It’s an outstanding device that can enable you to analyze each and everything about your site from Google’s perspective. Do you face any kind of difficulty in fixing your site? If YES, there’s no need to worry.

Today, I’ll share a few insights on how to utilize Google Search Console in order to fix your site and drive changes. Before going deep into detail, firstly understand the basic concept.

I’ve by and by utilized Google’s Search Console to settle my site endless circumstances.

What is Google’s Search Console?

Google Search Console, previously known as Google Webmaster Tools, is a free online SEO tool for webmasters to keep a track of both the indexing and crawling details from Googlebot while also giving measurements to improve a site for natural perceivability. This SEO instrument is valuable in order to monitor measurements and find new bits of knowledge to help expand your natural impression.

Google says that anybody who has a website must utilize Google Search Console. A good thing about Google Search Console is that it’s simple to use for whoever approaches the property.

Search Appearance

It is considered as a major section of the Google Search Console. This very is very much essential for the webmasters for understating how their site at present is setup and how it will reveal the SERP (Search Engine Results Page).

In this section, you need to have the following information:

Rich Cards

With the regularly expanding utilization of Mobile to browse the web and search Google with, you get the opportunity to highlight any kind of data on your website to help build ‘rich cards’ on the SERP for smartphone devices.

Rich Cards introduced in 2016 by Google. In spite of working like a structured data, Rich Cards make more engaging visuals for better user engagement. This, in turn, leads to an increase the traffic and sales to your website.


This gives you an estimation of a total number of pages while indexing or crawling your website. It will let you know the number of pages Google crawler is blocking. If there are certain pages which don’t want to index, this can be removed here. Have an insight into your robots.txt file situated on your sitemap in order to find what is causing the issue. Further, diagnose issues with particular URLs on the Google Search Console.

Accelerated Mobile Pages

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) is intended to load JS and HTML pages at a fast speed on the mobile devices. Google had made AMPs a priority for searching over the past some years. It’s not surprising that they have added the AMP to Search Console.

Google Search Console will give you an aggregate count of the AMP pages that it has been discovered on your site. In the event that you discover an inconsistency in the count, you’ll need to fix this issue.

In order to follow perfect setups do the following:

Prepare webpage consistent with AMP specification.

Host AMP at an appropriate URL in the main website.

Check the URL through AMP test tool for the confirmation.

Markup the content with structured data and monitor the AMP report for significant errors in the console.

Search Traffic

This area is the most critical segment in the Google Search Console. This section is all about the present status of your site with respect to analytics and linking. Let’s have a look at how you can leverage its subsections for increasing traffic to your site.

Search Analytics Report

As the name signifies, this segment is about the search reports. These reports might be important as they provide you with the knowledge of how your site ranks as per the distinctive parameters, for example, CTR (click-through rate), geographically, etc.

It will demonstrate all the important insights, for example, the total numbers of impressions per keywords, the click-through rate, find out the position per keyword, the number of clicks per keywords, and distinctive kind of filters in order to refine the information.

Links to Your Site

This component reports the site’s aggregate number of backlinks, and the keywords utilized for the backlinks.

The most useful insight in this report is what measures the quality of your backlinks, which then guides you to select the connections of good quality and repudiate bad and malicious connections.

This will likewise enable you to make applicable backlinks to quality websites and improve client commitment that arrives on your site through advertisements that are already connected to your site.

Internal Links

Google utilizes the aggregate number of internal links to a website page to rank critical pages in a site. This builds the search engine ranking of that specific page. Moreover, internal links help to boost the ranking of content-rich and informative pages. Constant check links indicating internal pages to ensure they exist. In case that the page never again exists, correct the issue with a 301 redirect.

Mobile Usability

This subsection recognizes the issues your clients may facing while seeing your site on mobile phones. It reports issues like excessively close components, substance, and pictures more extensive than the screen, or whether the content is too little to peruse.

As mobile phone utilization keeps on expanding, mobile usability is essential for good ranking. In order to enhance SEO, the mobile usability challenges must be settled to improve client experience overall gadgets.


Crawl is the GSC menu that produces an exceptionally valuable report about how frequently your site is being crawled by Google’s bots, the last time when the Google has crawled your site for errors, broken documents and pages on the site, URL parameters, and sitemap robots. It constitutes the crucial Fetch as Google instrument.

Crawl Errors

Google will let you know whether they’re experiencing any issues crawling a page on your site. This data is best in the event that you are attempting to rank a page yet not having much look. They disclose to the crawl errors, such as soft 404 errors, URL directing to an irrelevant or nonexistent page, server errors, and blocked URLs for Googlebot-Mobile. By fixing such errors, SEO is improved to a great extent.

Crawl Stats

This Google crawl report for your site indicating crawled pages, the time is taken to load a page, and kilobytes downloaded.

Webmaster can utilize this data to enhance the performance of a website, close by taking a shot at webpage speed and regularly publish a fresh content in order to attract more clients.

The Bottom Line

If utilized appropriately, Google Search Console is an influential instrument for all the digital marketers, SEO, and business experts looking to enhance the search engine ranking of their website.

The above tips will pave you the correct way to deal with GSC.

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