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Local SEO Tips to Rule Google Maps Results

2015 August has a remarkable place in the search engine history; Google the search engine giant has brought biggest changes in the local search history with the new update. It, in fact, made the biggest difference in the experiences of both SEO experts and users till date. The new update in Google maps was out and SEO experts noticed a difference when the local search was made, the results were three main business listings instead of 7 in the earlier search. The additional advantage of the top three listings is Google map display that provides easy directions to the customer for the location.

With the new update, seven pack model was replaced with the three pack and was modeled to essentially target mobile searches that increased drastically in recent times. This update, in fact, came as a logical update to enhance search engine experience for the user.

 Benefits of the 3 pack update 

It has become inevitable for the business targeting the local markets know the changes in the new three-pack model to rank higher.

  • Three pack listing showcase detailed address along with the phone number of the business location
  • Making store hours mandate will let the visitors know your business operating hours
  • Search result data is 3 pack is influenced by ratings and reviews which increasing the attention of potential customers.

How rule Google maps to rank higher?

Motor and brick store is mandate

When you reach out Google maps to conduct local SEO, remember that you are targeting the business in the local area. Users clicking your website to purchase a product or avail the service will be the ones who are looking for immediate assistance.  Having service location product selling store in the nearby location will keep the customer assured of immediate assistance and will not jump to a competitor in the wake of immediate assistance. It is a fundamental essence to have a motor and brick store in the area you wish to optimize to gain better customer advantage.

Take advantage of Google My Business (GMB)

The new update has increased the importance of GMB in enhancing your search engine rankings. Any information you update the business page will reflect in the search results so, make sure you enter all the information correctly while listing your business in GMB and location is owner verified. Ensure that the location you are targeting is mentioned on the business landing page and important is to categorize your business right.


Match nap on the website with NAP on GMB

The template of a NAP( name, address phone number)should be same across all the listings online including your GMB and website listing.

Map your business location to the website

Apart from having the contact information on the website to help the customers reach you, it is important to map precise information about directions to your business location using Google maps. In addition, you can add some crucial information like your business operating hours, driving directions, phone call links and even phone call links and social media buttons for easy communication. If you are operating a business in a diverse location, it is advised to create distinct web pages and optimize them for the specific location.

 Proper citations should be made

To gain authority and credibility for your business in the targeted area, it is important to get some global and regional citations as part of your local SEO. An additional benefit that business gains through these citations is to drive some potential traffic to the website. While making citations, please ensure they are consistent and choose the industry-relevant domains that can bring your business into the limelight.

local citations

Support website with unique content 

There is no doubt in the fact that the website should be supported with unique content to build higher rankings in the local search engine results but, even your website should be easy to navigate while embossing the content that keeps the customers engaging. You should not ignore organic SEO that still plays a crucial role in organic SEO rankings, focus on both offline and online techniques that helps your business to climb converted 3 pack rankings.

Website reviews

Google search engine updates take reviews for the customers seriously in ranking up your search results for your business because most of the customers online take insights from these reviews to reach the business. Encourage your customers to give reviews by providing quality service and product.


In summary, to get good rankings through Google maps local SEO, you should focus on implementing SEO strategies that are a combination of the new SEO tips as well as established SEO strategies.

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