[Infographic] How Quality SEO Boost your Business?

Learn: How Quality SEO Boost your Business? [Infographic]

SEO – Search Engine Optimization is among the major pillars for reaching to your audience on the internet. The conventional businesses either have to go advertising in papers or media or have to make money with the public relation or other tactics. But, when it comes to attracting online audience, SEO plays a significant role.

Online Searches and the Top Search Engines

Before moving on to learning various SEO strategies, let’s find out the daily online searches. According to an estimate, about 2.3 million Google searches are carried out every single minute.

It simply means that Google is an ocean of users who are searching for products, services, and things in routine. Your business would not miss out on picking a massive amount of leads and conversions from such a great pool of searches.

With this magnanimous amount of daily searches, Google leads the search intermediaries with a 67.3% market share, whereas Bing, Yahoo, Ask, and AOL stays at 19.4%, 10.0%, 2.0%, and 1.3% respectively.

Among the search engines, the first page secures higher clicks like 71.33% in comparison to the second page that only get 5.59% of the overall clicks. This makes ranking your website on the first page a top priority in order to get traffic to your business website and make sales.

The first results, usually above the fold, are successful in grabbing 67.6% of the clicks. In the same manner, the click-through rate of each search result decreases as the user scrolls down the page.

On-Page and Off-Page SEO Factors

The on-page SEO is all about tweaking your web pages for relevant keywords and adding rich content for describing products and services or educating the end user. Whereas, off-site SEO involves the promotion of your website on other platforms like social media, review sites, business listings and directors, and niche blogs.

A lot of valuable data and statistics about search engine optimization are compiled by Go-Gulf Web Designing Company here in this infographic. You can scroll down and explore about the various factors and activities you can try to increase SEO score of your online business to achieve conversion goals.

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Asad is a digital marketing expert with a focus on Local SEO & Paid media. Currently he is working for GO-Gulf – a Dubai web development company. With over 8 years of experience in online traffic generation, targeting relevant audience and conversion optimization, Asad has helped numerous SMBs to increase their revenues throughout UAE. You can reach him on LinkedIn.

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