Reasons: Why Content Marketing Tops SEO Strategies By 2018

Reasons: Why Content Marketing Tops SEO Strategies By 2018

Visual content drags the attention of the customer on the initial note and eventually convert into paid customers for the printed magazines in the later period of times. What makes them paid customers for these printed magazines? Though there is still a strong argument from 37% of the marketers that visual content important form of content to market their business, gone are the days when you want to know more about the product offered by your business just with the visual content displayed. Many corporate are struggling to get their message noticed by the people as they are inundated with the advertisements. This is the juncture where content marketing is going to gain higher priority in SEO strategies by 2018. “In 2011, a study conducted by the Custom Content Council showed that more than 70 percent of users preferred to get their information from articles rather than from corporate advertisements.”  This is the reason why content marketing is going to become future of SEO strategies by 2018 for a number of business organizations to reach the target audience.

The phrase “content is a king “is as old as a hill in the world of digital marketing. This Phrase could hang so long in the world of digital marketing because it is actually true. Now, content marketing has turned into a new promising strategy for most of the business owners to reach the target audience.

Why content marketing?

Content marketing is nothing but creation and distribution of quality content that is not only informative but also valuable and entertaining to potential customers. This digital marketing strategy is proven to be more effective in retaining a clearly defined audience. Content marketing can be anything text to video that provides relevant and interesting information to anyone who searches for it.  A good content can be more effective in dragging the attention of the customers to your brand or website so that you can capture leads and sell your products.

Good content has longer life

Good content is not only able to drive traffic to your website but also keep the customers connected with your band by motivating them to explore further by clicking more. A website with good content is capable of generating quality traffic for a longer period of time while being reward by the search engines in terms of rankings.

Content marketing graph is on rise

The graph of content marketing is on rise since 2011. The steep rise in the content marketing strategy influenced big companies like RED BULL and Ikea to place their bets on content marketing.According to a recent survey conducted by the renowned “Content Marketing Institute”, B2B companies in the United States invest, on average, about 30 percent of their marketing budget in content marketing”. Content marketing today has gained upper hand over other SEO strategies with the availability of diverse communication channels that raised the potential for publication reach.

How is content marketing future of SEO strategies by 2018?

The field of content marketing in the digital arena is maturing and it is important for the companies to make sure that their content marketing campaigns and strategies are keeping up. You should also ensure that your branded content resonates with the target audience. On the whole, your content marketing strategy should be relevant to motivate reaction from the viewer. Content marketing is now treated as an opportunity to generate revenue rather than a trend.

Strategic adaption

Content marketing strategy is increasingly becoming popular among all industries and verticals with 85% of B2B marketers adapting it. There are many organizations in the pipeline to focus on creating personalized content to address the needs of the audience. This necessity to interact with customers and increase retention rate the amount of content published in the digital world every day and remember, only relevant and quality content will make the cut.

videos will outperform other formats

videos are one of the fastest growing and demand marketing formats of future. If you are missing this arena of content marketing to push your brand, then you are losing a good share of your revenue. With regular video marketing, customers are finding a deeper connection with your brand. Youtube has a popularity equalling to top search engine Google in terms of generating traffic. With the visual content displayed on youtube, it becomes quite easy for the customers to remember the brand. Disturbing these videos on the targeted social media sites will generate quality traffic to your website in no time.

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Personalized content can generate more revenue 

The term personalized content has been underway for years. There is no doubt in the fact that personalized content is likely to bring more conversions and revenue to your business.  Advancement in the technology will take this to next level. Availability of search analytic will help you track audience profile and increase conversions of the target buyer with personalized content and recommendations. By 2018, the companies that have invested in broad personalization will raise their revenue by 20% compared to the businesses that have not invested in.

Content Open Rate
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Mobile optimization will stand across industries

69% of engagement in digital media now happens on the mobile phones rather than desktops. Optimizing the content to the mobile sites will drag the attention of more customers to your business. Use of mobile internet has raised by 41% during recent times. Optimizing content marketing to mobiles will definitely increase your reach to potential customers.

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Live video feature  

The availability of live video feature on the social media platforms will enable you to share your message with the targeted customers in more remote way. In addition, there is raise in the number of audiences that expect live streams for B2B brands as it can easily take the form of webinars. Content marketing with live video feature enables the business to establish a good relationship with the customers due to the presence of human connection. This live video feature gives the customer a feeling that they are intimately involved while the video is being broadcasted to thousands of people.

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