Top 8 Ways to Use Video in Your Content Marketing

Top 8 Ways to Use Video in Your Content Marketing

Everyone tries to make their business and product look attractive so that the customers can buy it easily. The user of the current time is becoming increasingly disinterested with all the typical and annoying sales pitches and websites so now if you want to keep your users engaged with your site you need to come up with something new and innovative. There are many ways with the help of which you can do the content marketing easily and efficiently. One of which is to add videos to your site. Using videos in the publicity of your brand is an ideal medium. It helps you and guides you regarding the brand, its origin, mission, and objectives more effectively. It offers a better experience than any other media. Following eight successful video marketing tips to boost your sales can help you in this regard. There are certain ways through which you can use video but among the top eight ways are as follows:

1-    Commercial videos:-

Commercial videos are a simple but very effective way to incorporate videos into your marketing strategy. These videos must be able to explain the ins and outs of your product or service in a minimum amount of time. There loads of advertisement videos on the internet to try to make your advertisement videos stand out. Make unique, interesting and entertaining content to attract maximum customer attention.  One of the most critical factors that require attention during video creation is creativity. Also, try to start your videos with some solid and interesting content to capture the attention of the users. According to a study, about 20% of your video audience will click away from a marketing video before ten seconds. To gain any momentum, your videos will need to have respectable production value. Your advertisement videos should not look like they have been shot by a mobile phone camera instead you should use proper professional cameras, and you should also consider hiring professionals to produce your video.

commercial videos

2- Demonstration of ideas through videos:-

Videos help you demonstrate the product more nicely. In a product demonstration, you must focus on the demand and need of the customer. It can be used to deal with the customer’s product-related concerns. In it, different techniques such as screen capture, presenter, voice over or motion graphics are used. Videos can be used to explain complicated concepts to customers this technique can be especially beneficial for tech companies as most customers


are not familiar with the ins and outs of technological devices. Video demonstrations can be a great tool to use in the boardroom while pitching your ideas. The use of videos will result in a better understanding of your idea by the board members and will also capture their attention.

 3- Sales Presentations:-

It doesn’t matter what type of business you’re running sales presentations always have to be made. And what better way can there be to do sales presentations than using videos. A virtual sales presentation in content marketing helps you in many ways. Marketing information can be discussed and presented with the help of it. It also allows you to convey vital sales information. Also using videos in your sales presentation will improve the understanding and attention span of your customers.

Sales Presentation

4- Animation:-

It is the latest and the most eye capturing technique of presenting your idea. It is the clearest, compelling and innovative way. In it, three dimensional and motion graphics are used. With the help of this, you can deliver your idea in a much easy and creative way. We all know how difficult it can be to impress those board members using animations to explain concepts can increase your odds of success. Also, it will add a certain level of creativity and innovation to your idea.


5- Corporate video:-

Corporate video production refers to audio and visual corporate communications material which includes DVD and HD videos. They are commissioned for use by an organization, company or corporation. It is mostly intended for a special purpose in a corporate. The corporate video includes the detail of product manufactured or services provided by it. For example; you can create a company story video. These videos can be a unique, informative and innovative way to introduce yourself and demonstrate the objectives of your company to your customers. This will help your clients and customers relate better to you and your cause. Also, this will promote a better client and provider relation. Company story videos can be an excellent technique for progressing companies to gain the support of your customers, which can help a lot with the success of your business. Another example of corporate videos can be customer testimonial videos in which the customers who share the experience they have had with your product through video. Your customers will trust the opinions of other customers more than your 0pinions, and these videos will create a more refined sense of trust for you and your customers

6- Instruction videos for employees and customers:-

If you provide the instructions to the customers in all the possible ways that are both through reading and listening, then they learn more quickly and also understand better. Therefore a video should be preferred to convey the message as it delivers dynamic and interactive distance learning. The best thing about creating these instruction videos is that you don’t have to vase time by gathering all your employees in a boardroom and give the instructions verbally. Instead, you can just send the instruction videos attached to an email. Doing so can save a lot of valuable time and resources

7- Virtual tour and production process videos:-

A virtual tour is a video simulation of an existing place that can be viewed online. It is a collection of panoramic images that are played in sequence to view like a moving video, and with it, sound and text effects are added. You can create videos which give the customers a complete tour of your manufacturing unit. Making you, production process public promotes a sense of trust. For example; Videos showing production process can be a great way to ensure customers with the proper hygiene standards of your restaurant. There are many properties of your products that are not visible on the surface, but the make your products better than your competition. Production process demonstration videos will make your customers aware of these properties and will help you get more sales.

Production Process Videos

8 – Recruit training:-

Recruit training is a part of every business, and we all understand how demanding and challenging it can be. These difficulties can be decreased by incorporating the use of multimedia and videos in your training process. Videos explain difficult concepts and tasks in an efficient and easy to understand manner. Videos allow learners to study at their own pace. Recruit training videos should be like tutorials which explain the complete process of a recruits

Recruit Training

responsibilities in the firm in a simple way. These videos should be distributed among the recruits so that they can also use them in the future. Also, a larger amount of people can be educated and trained with the better understanding by using videos instead of just text. According to a study, the brain processes visual content sixty thousand times faster than text. This means that both trainers and recruits can work with more effectiveness and less difficulty.


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