Which One is Best SEO Monitoring Tool? The SEMrush vs. Moz

Which One is Best SEO Monitoring Tool? The SEMrush vs. Moz

Are you looking for investing in SEO tool? If you answer is yes, then this post can help you to find right one. I have tested hundreds of tools over the years and found 2 best SEO monitoring tools. In this post I am going to compare these 2 best SEO monitoring tools the SEMrush and the Moz Pro.


Screenshot-2017-11-21 SEMrush - service for competitors research, shows organic and Ads keywords for any site or domain

SEMrush is my favourite SEO Tool. It is must have tool for SEO professionals as well as start-ups. This tool is very easy to use once you are used to it. I use this tool for my website as well as my client’s websites to improve the SEO Score. According to shoutmeloud it is complete tool for keyword research, track keyword ranking, check backlinks, check competitor ranks, check competitor backlinks and most importantly, do a complete SEO audit of your website. The few key features of SEMrush are:

1- Competitive Intelligence Tool: SEMrush can provide you the full details of your competitor’s domain. This tool can let you know which keywords are used by your competitors and which backlinks are created by competitor.

Screenshot-2017-11-21 photobox co uk - Domain Overview Report

SEMrush also can provide you the Adwords details of your competitors.

2- See competitor’s targeted keywords: – it is proven that content is the king and right keyword is the queen. You can reach to your right audience if you are able to manage find right keywords. As stated above SEMrush is competitive intelligence tool which can help you to find the right keywords for your website.

Screenshot-2017-11-21 photobox co uk - Organic Search Positions

I have used this tool hundreds of time to find the keywords and 95% time I got the right keywords.

3- Discover the new organic competitors: – if you have updated list of your competitors you will surely get success in your natural search keywords.

Screenshot-2017-11-21 photobox co uk - Organic Competitors

SEMrush enables you to be updated with your competitors.

4- Observe position changes of your domain and competitor’s domain as well: by tracking of position changing of keywords on Google you will always find new keywords for the

Screenshot-2017-11-21 photobox co uk - Position changes for this domain

Particular domain. Also you can find the keywords for which the rankings are going down and you can make new strategy to improve the results.

5- Discover the competitor’s backlinks: Once you are able to find the competitor’s backlinks it is very easy to make the backlinks strategy for your website.

Screenshot-2017-11-21 photobox co uk – Backlinks SEMrush

SEMrush can let you know which backlinks have been created by your competitors. It also can discover that what the percentage of follow vs Nofollow backlinks is.

6- Complete site audit for your website: – after having a detailed competitor research now you need to find the issues of your website. SEMrush enables you to do it.

Screenshot-2017-11-21 SEMrush

With the help of SEMrush you can find the technical issues of your website. It helps in proper on page optimization of your website.

Some other great features such as position tracking of your targeted keywords, advertising research, display advertising research, social media tracking, brand monitoring, content analyzer and PPC keyword research makes SEMrush a complete tool. It is one stop solution.

SEMrush provides limited details for its free version. The basic pricing of SEMrush is $99.95/Month.

Moz Pro:-

If you are in the Industry of Digital Marketing, then I am sure you have definitely listened about Moz. You can definitely improve your SEO score and website visibility using Moz Tools. In this review I will let you know how you can infest SEO benefits from this tool.

Screenshot-2017-11-23 Moz Pro Overview(1)

Here are few key features of Moz:-

1- Helps in finding right keywords: – The basic statement of SEO is, if you are not ranked well for the right keywords then you can’t earn the right traffic. Moz helps you to find the right keywords.

Screenshot-2017-11-23 Keyword Explorer Moz’s Keyword Research Tool

The Keyword explorer of Moz can let you know the accurate monthly volume of the keyword and will suggest you more relevant keywords.

2- Helps in tracking the current rankings: – It is very important to know what is working and what is not to track your progress. Moz can track current rankings of your keywords and as well as it helps to track the SERP movement of your competition. By tracking your SERP movement and competitor’s SERP movement you can easily track what is working and what is not.

3- Helps in auditing your website: – Moz Pro tool can find the common technical SEO issues and can let you know how to fix them easily. The Crawling of Moz Pro is very fast for the big sites as well as compared to other SEO tools.

4- Helps in Optimization of Content and Pages: – To rank your keywords, the pages of your website should be well optimized. Moz Pro gives prioritized recommendations to improve page optimization. Also using the Moz Pro you can create your content strategy easily.

5- Helps in creating Backlink strategy: – Links is very important element in SEO. You can found your new and old backlinks created for your website using Moz Pro Tool.

Screenshot-2017-11-24 Open Site Explorer Link Research Backlink Checker Moz

Tracking the competitor’s backlinks you can create you backlink strategy. To track the backlinks Moz Pro is best tool available.

Free Trial version of Moz Pro tool is available for 30 days. After 30 days the monthly cost start with $99/Month.

Conclusion: – It is not easy to say which one is best SEO monitoring tool the SEMrush or the Moz Pro. Both have almost same features. But if you are looking to do research on your competitors and want to find best keywords for your website then I would suggest you the SEMrush Tool. And if you are looking to create your backlink strategy I would suggest you the Moz Pro tool from both best SEO monitoring tools.

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