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The best corporate identity design package you can ever get

Designing is an art which gives life to dreams and imagination. There is a famous quote on designing which says, “There are three responses to a piece of design – yes, no, and WOW! Wow is the one to aim for.” We do aim for the third one because we don’t settle for anything less.

People often ask us that after so many years how can we still get fresh ideas and our answer always remain the same which says that imagination and creativity do not have expiry date it keeps on growing with experience and knowledge.

In our pricing list you will find several options in every head of packages which is there to cover every client’s demand in the most comfortable manner. All our packages from corporate identity design package to brochure design packages are competitive and reasonable to catch up with the demands of our customers. We believe in offering the best at the best prices.


At SearchClap we study your competitors work and analyze them to add edge to your work. We know how to make you stand out among your competitors and how to make all your imaginations regarding your business designs true. Our team is creative, imaginative as well as dedicated towards making the best out of the resources. We have an eye to see the best in the best and how to bring it into reality.

We offer the most reasonable and competitive logo design packages in India as well as across the globe. Logo is the main factor to create an identity and leaving a stamp on the minds of the people, hence we try to create something which is never forgotten and always appreciated. Even our flyer design packages are so cheap and reasonable that you will feel like starting a campaign every now and then.

The human nature to visualize everything from words to images helps us to offer you the market your business needs. Everybody imagine gaining maximum attention from the crowd and maximum returns from the same. This dream is something which can be accomplished by having something different and unique in your court. Well we offer that something different to our customers through our specialized designing services.


Logo Design Packages
Starter3 Design Concepts, 2 Revisions65 USD
Best Buy6 Design Concepts, 3 Revisions80 USD
Corporate Identity Design Packages
StarterLetter Head + Business Card Design + Envelope Design + Logo Design 2 design concepts 2 Revisions75 USD
Best BuyLogo Design  + Letter Head + Business Card Design + Envelope Design 2 design concepts 3 Revisions135 USD
Brochure  Design Packages
1 FoldA/4 Size/Letter 4 Panels 2 design concepts + 2 Revisions110 USD
Flyer / Poster Design Packages
StarterSingle page one side flyer  Design 2 design concepts 2 Revisions50 USD
Best BuyFront/Back or two side flyer  Design 2 design concepts 2 Revisions65 USD
Raster to Vector Conversion Packages
SimpleSimple conversion25 USD
High EndHigh end conversion70 USD
Social Media Posts Design Packages
Social media cover designFacebook cover or any social media cover design-text & Images will provide by client40 USD
Social media post designFacebook posts or any social media posts design-text & Image  will provide by client30 USD


Frequently Asked Questions

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What Are Your Question?

We offer all the things which are covered in graphic designing such as Logo Design, Corporate Identity Design, Brochure Design, Flyer / Poster Design, Raster to Vector Conversions, Social Media Posts Design and a lot more. All these services are mentioned above along with the packages.

We assure you that this marketing practice can be real fruitful for your business as it will get you the maximum attention from your target audience. We human like to see attractive things and through our designing services we can add several attractions under your business name.

Under the heading of graphic designing there are several sub headings which share different type of designing projects we take. Every sub heading has two options in it hence overall we can say we offer several options to our customers.

Yes you can definitely get combined packages. We always try to keep our clients happy hence we do offer the services of customize packages where we combine the services based on the demand of your business and your comfort before finalizing anything.

We can definitely share our portfolio of old work. However we request you to maintain the privacy of the other party by not sharing it with anyone else. We do not openly share our portfolio because of the similar reasons.

You don’t have to worry about plagiarism when it comes to our work. We do not believe in stealing anybody else’s work and sell it as ours. Our team is competent enough to bring out fresh designs on their own which will win your heart.

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