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Before going any further let’s first discuss about what is the concept of guest Blogging? As the word itself suggest it means either posting blogs as a guest on other blogging websites or get other writers to post their blogs on your blogs. It is one of the very common strategies used by the bloggers to bring traffic on their blogs. Our Guest posting Packages known as Guest blogging Packages are self explanatory and will guide you appropriately about the whole process.

What we can say about content. Content is always known as the king of advertising and marketing. Our team understand the reference very well. We have people who can play with words in such a way that you are bound to see and read it. Content holds the maximum importance in this vast world of internet for any website or web page.


It describes who you are? What you do? How you do it? And what you are? Words hold the strongest bound than any other strategy. Quality content strengthens the trust of the people in the business as well as person sharing it.

If you are good with words then automatically you are good with people. For a website first thing anybody sees is what you have written there? And here at SearchClap we have people with words. You have thoughts they have the pen to write it down in best way. It’s just like we give words to your dreams in a magical way.

Guest Blogging is a kind of content marketing only and as per Content Marketing Institute, “Content marketing is a strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly-defined audience — and, ultimately, to drive profitable customer action.”


2 Guest Posts5 Guest Posts10 Guest Posts15 Guest Posts20 Guest Posts
Dofollow LinksDofollow LinksDofollow LinksDofollow LinksDofollow Links
20+ Domain Authority20+ Domain Authority20+ Domain Authority20+ Domain Authority20+ Domain Authority
100% Real Sites100% Real Sites100% Real Sites100% Real Sites100% Real Sites
Niche Relevant BlogsNiche Relevant BlogsNiche Relevant BlogsNiche Relevant BlogsNiche Relevant Blogs
Google IndexedGoogle IndexedGoogle IndexedGoogle IndexedGoogle Indexed
Contextual linksContextual linksContextual linksContextual linksContextual links
Keyword used in anchor textKeyword used in anchor textKeyword used in anchor textKeyword used in anchor textKeyword used in anchor text
Turnaround Time – 1 WeekTurnaround Time – 2 WeeksTurnaround Time – 4 WeeksTurnaround Time – 6 WeeksTurnaround Time – 8 Weeks


Frequently Asked Questions

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What Are Your Question?

To be honest content rules the online marketing platform and making use of this content in any manner is helpful for you. As we said earlier Guest blogging is also the part of content marketing technique and can be useful if carried properly with quality content.

We have a team of talented writers who writes the quality content for our clients. We are also connected to several reputed bloggers who are always eager to post our content on their blogs, almost all the time.

So far we haven’t seen any fallbacks in this activity. We live by the rules and follow all the updates offered by the numerous search engines. We do not believe in black hat activities and don’t carry them out at any cost.

It is not necessary to opt for the guest blogging services. However, it does have benefits which can help you in gaining the recognition and attention among the right crowd in the best manner.

We already have 5 set of Guest blogging Packages, which are mentioned above on the page. You can choose the one which suits you the best. Apart from this we also offer customize services based on our terms and conditions.

In our reports we submit all the links of the blogs posted on other websites. So that you can follow them and if you wish to share them on your social media platforms then you can do the same as well.

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