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Link building is a very important part of the SEO process. We can say it establish the stepping stone for the entire business. It allows the external pages to link to your website in order to bring more traffic to your website. Our team of SEO specialists knows the difference between a quality and dud link which allows them to create the quality one for you. At Search Clap we offer variety of individual link building packages, so that you can choose the best one as per your business’s requirements.

Link building is a process aiming at increasing the quantity and quality of inbound links to a webpage. It helps in gaining the quantity of quality links pointing to a website which eventually boost up the chances of enhancing the ranking in search engine results. It is a technique of creating the brand awareness.


Link building is entirely a technical task which is carried out throughout the process of SEO which justifies our Link building pricing. Link building is an important player in the process of ranking the WebPages by Google, which makes it quite an important task. Even Google has mentioned at their site, “In general, webmasters can improve the rank of their sites by increasing the number of high-quality sites that link to their pages.”


Dofollow LinksDofollow LinksDofollow LinksDofollow Links
DA 20+ – 5 LinksDA 30+ – 15 LinksDA 40+ – 15 LinksDA 40+ – 20 Links
DA 30+ – 10 LinksDA 40+ – 15 LinksDA 50+ – 20 LinksDA 50+ – 30 Links
DA 40+ – 5 LinksDA 50+ – 10 LinksDA 60+ – 10 LinksDA 60+ – 30 Links
DA 50+ – 5 LinksDA 60+ – 10 LinksDA 70+ – 10 LinksDA 70+ – 20 Links
Total – 25 LinksTotal – 50 LinksTotal – 75 LinksTotal – 100 Links
Keyword used in anchor textKeyword used in anchor textKeyword used in anchor textKeyword used in anchor text
Turnaround Time – 2 WeeksTurnaround Time – 4 WeeksTurnaround Time – 8 WeeksTurnaround Time – 16 Weeks


Frequently Asked Questions

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What Are Your Question?

There are many ways to get links for the website which include creation of blogs or similar kind of content, internal linking, make it easy so that other websites can link to your website, get connected to the directories be it niche one or the paid one.

The numerous search engines available in the market measure or judge the quality and value of the website through the links they have from external websites. This process is a very integral part of getting the ranking of the website.

In layman language, back links are simple hyper links, which takes you to an external site when they are clicked. For example: Currently you are viewing suppose and in the site you find a link saying “click here” or an image, as soon as you will click at that link you will reach the webpage or something on similar terms outside of the current website.

We are offering services not products hence we can’t show you the cost sheet with cost of production of the product. However we do try to inform about all the activities we are going to do in the process in our packages in order to let you know our effort which leads the pricing we have decided.

In most simple words the text with a link is basically an anchor text link. It is again a very integral part of the SEO practices. Normally the text will be in blue color with an underline; however it can be changed through a proper HTML coding.

We do not manipulate links on any of our client’s website which is generally falls in the wrong set of activities. We only put quality back links which will help the client in gaining the right attention from the public.

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