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Pay per click (PPC), a method of online marketing or advertising in which advertiser has to pay a little amount of fee every time its ad is clicked to the publisher.

Pay per click ads are basically linked to the various search engines and are seen almost everywhere and with our efficient PPC services packages you can get a lot more out of the deal. Do you remember the last time you opened a search engine and saw few suggestions on the top of the page; well those sponsored ads are Pay per Click ads.


Pay per Click form of advertising is fast and nimble in nature. You only have to bid, get the best spot and within few minutes of opening your account you get what you are looking for and i.e. traffic on your site. To win the best spot in bid your content quality should be rich and magnetic. Apart from content the advertisement should be an out of box thinking. Our diversified PPC packages in India can get you what you are looking for.

We analyze your needs and design the ads which can give you the maximum benefits in the minimal time. For us your time and money are precious and we take care it’s not wasted and you can see that in our competitive PPC pricing packages as well. PPC can also work through keyword based search, so we put ads in such a way that if anyone will hit a keyword in the search bar he will see the ad first before moving forward.


Features Basic Standard Professional Enterprise
Adbudget Upto $1500/Month $1500-$2500/Month $2500-$4500/Month $4500+/Month
Minimum Duration 3 Months 3 Months 3 Months 3 Months
Networks Google Adwords Google Adwords/Facebook Google Adwords/Facebook/Bing Google Adwords/Facebook/Bing
Monthly Fee Min $200 Or 12% of Monthly Budget Min $400 Or 12% of Monthly Budget Min $800 Or 12% of Monthly Budget Min $1500 Or 12% of Monthly Budget
Setup Fee $150 $300 $700 $1200
Initial Estimate Report Yes Yes Yes Yes
Landing Page Recommendation Yes Yes Yes Yes
Unlimited Keywords NA NA Yes Yes
Text Ads Yes Yes Yes Yes
Conversion Tracking Yes Yes Yes Yes
A/B Testing NA NA Yes Yes
Google Analytics Set-up Yes Yes Yes Yes
Campaign Management Yes Yes Yes Yes
Mobile Ads NA NA Yes Yes
Gmail Ads (GSP) NA NA Yes Yes
Landing Page Optimization Yes Yes Yes Yes
ROI Tracking Yes Yes Yes Yes
Reporting Yes Yes Yes Yes
Google Analytics Report (Monthly) Yes Yes Yes Yes
Email and Chat Yes Yes Yes Yes
Telephone NA NA Yes Yes
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Frequently Asked Questions

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What Are Your Question?

It is true that under the name of PPC there are lot of different kind of marketing is going on. However we never get involved in anything which is even point 1% shady. Hence you can relax and enjoy the traffic on your website as this process is legal and verified.

PPC along with SEO helps in bringing your business in the front and center of the attention of the seekers eyes. It is shown to the customers who are specifically looking for the products or services offered by your company.

There are several names in the list however the most well known name is Google Adwords. Other names including in the list are Bing Ads, Yahoo: Search Ads, etc. One can choose the website depending upon their demographics and the usage of customers.

PPC ads are no doubt an eye catcher but to make it a one, we need to use quality content. These ads include content like Headlines to catch the eye, Display URL for connecting with the company, Destination URL, and Description which helps in enticing the customer.

Yes you certainly can target location for these ads. We will suggest you to target your ad on the basis of location, devices as well as language to get maximum attention.

We offer customization services, although the end result is based on your requirements and needs of the business. We try to accommodate every client with small or big budgets, but still we also have a limit.

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